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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jerry Bywaters, Lone Star Printmaker - Niewyk

   Jerry Bywaters, Lone Star Printmaker: A Study of His Print Notebook, with a Catalogue of His Prints and a Checklist of His Illustrations and Ephemeral Works.  By Ellen Buie Niewyk, Foreword by Ron Tyler, With personal reminiscences by Mary Vernon and Frances Bearden.  Dallas: Southern Methodist University Press, dist by TAMU Consortium, 2007. 12x9. 208 pp. 5 color, 34 b&w reproductions. 22 b&w photos. 111 illus. Bib. Index. ISBN 978-0-87074-519-5,  cloth   $35.00

The collaborative team for this remarkable retrospective survey of  Jerry Bywaters' work includes Ellen Niewyk, curator of the Bywaters Special Collections housed in the Hamon Arts Library at SMU, Ron Tyler, director of Fort Worth's Amon Carter Museum of Art, Mary Vernon, SMU art teacher, and Frances Bearden, Bywaters's secretary at the Dallas Museum of Art. 

Most artists do not combine the tasks of original artwork and the subsequent printing of copies, but Bywaters did just that.  Most artist's quixotic lives resist their self-documentation.  For over 10 years, 1935-1948 Bywaters kept a journal of his progress and techniques, and Niewyk deciphers that work to further illuminate his art, printmaking, art criticism via the Dallas Morning News, contributions as a principal originator of and Director of the DMA in Fair Park, and teaching at SMU.  His influence was enormous.  Needless to say, the coffee-table size volume is delightful.

Bywaters (1906-1989) was born to a Paris, Texas couple, began drawing early, came to Dallas with the family, and earned a B.A. from SMU in 1926.  After a period in Europe and the American Northeast, he returned to Big D and drew architectural images.  Dallas' State Fair became a recurring scene of activity and inspiration.  At the time Dallas was big on Texas, and Diego Rivera's interpretation of Mexico added to his natural inclination to interpret the American Southwest.  His early style reflected influences including Matisse and Braque.  Some rather engagingly playful.

Printmaking seriously engaged his life in lithographic printmaking after a visit of Thomas Hart Benton as Bywaters helped organize the Dallas Print and Drawing Collectors Society in 1935 and the circuit of Lone Star Printmakers in 1938.  By Mutual adoption Bywaters fit right into Texas's writing circles including Tinkle, Dobie, Webb, and the rest of the gang, but art was his life.

The book's photos are engrossing.  You see his printing press and stones, tools,  facsimiles of the journal, plus a casual photo of him outside at a gas station in the Big Bend.  But the bulk of the tome is a gallery of his prints, each with detailed annotations.

Gargantua, the Lomax Victorian home in its shambled condition, is dated 1935 evokes a feeling of Halloween grotesque.  Old Clown (1936) immediately projects the hard life of a Carnie.  Mexican Mother (1936) and Mexican Lily Vendor  draw heavily from Rivera.  The Surgeons (1940) is executed in sharp black and white planes.  On the Ranch (1941) is about as Daliesque as a Southwestern scene can be. 

The back section on "Ephemeral Works" demonstrates Bywaters' skilled book imagery.  He illustrated the first book of the SMU Press, Geiser's Naturalists of the Frontier (1937).  Private printings included Dobie's Juan Oso Christmas card.  The once very vigorous Tardy Publishing concern used him often as in Ehrenberg's With Milam and Fannin. Of course Stanley Marcus sought him for the Book Club of Texas as in Dobie's Tales of the Mustang, and again under the Somesuch imprint with Frontier Tales of the White Mustang.  SMU's Southwest Review thirstily drew from the Bywaters well, even for their letterhead!  But his work was sought out by outlanders; the Saturday Review of Literature's May 16, 1942 used him for their cover of the special issue on "The Southwest: Inventory and Sampling. My favorite?  Maybe the enigmatic portrait of John Lomax. 

If your library is lucky enough to have Bywaters' 12 from Texas large portfolio, ask them to make an exhibit of it with this new tribute to a fine Texas artist and printmaker.  Book review by Will Howard.


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