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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Memoir: One Ranger - Joaquin Jackson

JacksonTexana Review podcasts captures a two-part interview with Joaquin Jackson, now a retired Texas Ranger, regarding his life and book.  Ed Blackburn sets up the reader to become a listener with
"Joaquin Jackson was 21 years old when he joined the Texas Department of Public Safety.  He had to wait nine years before he could apply to become a Texas Ranger. He waited, biding his time, and became one in 1966, and rangered for the next 27 years.
In 1994 he became famous when his picture appeared on the cover of Texas Monthly in a photograph taken by Dan Winters.
Today he's retired.  He's written a book, "One Ranger: A Memoir," that was published last year and has been selling extremely well.  He's looking forward to movie based on that book.  He's also written another book. "One Ranger Returns," to be published next year.
Recently, he and I chatted with one another about these things and more.  The chat provided some very interesting insights into a man who was a Texas Ranger.
We talked for over 40 minutes …too long to ask you listen to it in one sitting. So, I've split the interview into two parts.
In this first part, Part A, we chat about his book, "One Ranger: A Memoir;" his second book, "One Ranger Returns," and the movie that Hollywood's about to make on the first book.
In the second Part B, we talk about more personal things – his youth, how he came to law enforcement, his weapons, why it's important to say what you mean, and his thoughts on the modern Texas Ranger force.
Listen while Ranger Jackson and I chat …"

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