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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Historic Texas Book of Days - Yvonne Bruce

Historic Texas Book of Days. By Yvonne Bruce and Ann Bruce Henaff.  Albany, Texas: Bright Sky Press, 2008.  Hardback, ISBN 978-1-931721-96-7
squarishly 6-3/4 x 6-3/4, 128 pp. 150 watercolor illustrations  $19.95
Bruce, the retired librarian and font of Texas life, and Henaff, the artist, present you with a very pleasant volume to ease and encourage your days.  This calendar book, a week to a page-spread, is applicable to any year.  The visual experience washes your eyes gently with its soft watercolors and line drawings colored in earth tones.  The months are color-toned, blue January, brown August, and so.  Most illustrations and complementary text derive from domestic, gardening, and rural life.  Occasional quotations peek forth like early periwinkles.  Botanica scatter through the pages, pecans, wildflowers, sugar cane, cotton, magnolias, and fields of farm greenery. 
Period architecture and domestic decoration complete the scenes.  But the authors must have summered along the coast, as evidenced by their July quartet of lighthouses, handful of seashells, and school of saltwater fish.
Basic early recipes and gardening tips add enhance the tome's social life and customs historic theme.  In fact, planting advice from the 1879 Burke's Texas Almanac and Immigrant's Handbook appears regularly.


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