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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Larry Thomas - Inteview

Texana Review offers this:

Interview: Larry Thomas, Texas Poet

It was November 2005.  Houston, Texas.  It was dusk.  I was looking for an old, cheap window casement. 
I walked through a narrow and rickety old door into the Texas Junk Company and almost knocked over an equally rickety six-foot shelf full of weird colored cowboy boots in a cluttered aisle.  I spun around, suddenly lost.  The place was stuffed to the ceiling with ... stuff!  I couldn't find the door I just entered through, so I scuttled down another cluttered aisle and stumbled into a big, bearded guy wearing the Texas state flag for a shirt.
He smiled a big, broad, friendly smile and held up his new book that had just been published, for me to see.  It was titled "Stark Beauty" and it was a book of poetry ... Texas poetry.  It was his fifth book.  His name was then (and still is), Larry Thomas.  He's a poet ... a Texas poet ... and a good Texas poet.
I told him he was perfect candidate for an interview for The Texana Review.  He believed me and agreed to chat about his work ...."

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