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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Robert Burton Robinson

Robert Burton Robinson     Robert Burton Robinson offers his novels and short stories as free e-book downloads.  The novels include BICYCLE SHOP MURDER, HIDEAWAY HOSPITAL MURDERS,  ILLUSION OF LUCK, FLY THE RAIN, and SWEET GINGER POISON.
They're mysteries set in the town of Coreyville.
His self-description begins "I earned a Bachelor of Music degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Information Sciences from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. I also did graduate work in both music and computer science.
I have worked in a wide variety of fields over the years, such as laborer, milkman, an electrician in a refinery, part-time and full-time music minister, establishing and running a music publishing company, and software engineering (computer programming).
I played guitar in a rock band in high school, wrote a screen play, several church musicals (some included drama, several were published), and a number of pop songs.
Hobbies: spending time with family, guitar, yoga (yeah—like Kory Mantra)."
Read more about him and his work at


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