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Monday, September 21, 2009

ABC's of De - Robertson

The ABCs of De: A Primer on Everette Lee DeGolyer, 1886-1956. By Herb Robertson.  Dallas: SMU De Golyer Library, 2007. 195 pp. softcover, $15.00
To those in the petroleum industry De Golyer was a the scholar, the man who knew.  His awards and accolades from that industry will not likely be eclipsed.  But to those outside the industry, he's known for his bookish interests, hence his Everette Lee De Golyer Library at Southern Methodist University and his collections at numerous other institutions.  SMU describes their institution:   "The DeGolyer Library is the principal repository at SMU for special collections in the humanities, the history of business, and the history of science and technology. Its rare books, manuscripts, photographs, maps, and other materials are available to all SMU students, faculty, visiting scholars, and other researchers. DeGolyer Library's holdings of primary sources are supported by exhibitions, lectures, publications, and seminars. Dedicated to enhancing scholarship and teaching at SMU, the DeGolyer Library is charged with maintaining and building its various collections 'for study, research, and pleasure.' "
Herb Robertson, also an oilman, was fascinated with "De" or "Mr. De" and Roberson has spent years pouring over DeGolyer's own collection, testing the depths and characteristics of the giant.  This primer is one result of Robertson's inquiry.  The primer is a type of eclectic encyclopedia through which portions of DeGolyer's life and times may be pursued by the reader.
Mr. De was international.  Check the entries for Dean Acheson, Dwight Eisenhower, Franklin Roosevelt, Lazcaro Cardenas.  He ran with the Texas wildcatters; see Glenn McCarthy and Clint Murchison.  He touched and developed world petroleum views; see ARAMCO, Texaco, Royal Dutch.  He listened to Texas bookers; check Tom Lea, Dillon Anderson, Herbert Gambrell, Frank Dobie, Carl Hertzog, and Yankee Norman Cousins too!
Mr. De could convers equally on the Big Inch, the 1913 Seige of Tampico, the Mexican Expropriation of 1938, Creekology, Loose Thinking, Seismology, and Salt Domes.  From those he could turn and hold court on CASI, chili con carne, Joe Cooper, jalapenos, tortillas, and Stanley Marcus.
Among all this he took the time to write The Elements of the Petroleum Industry, such a simple title.
What else would you expect?  Even romantic love? see Gateswinger.
If you never met the man, as I never did, these entries are fascinating.

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