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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Texas Eccentrics - Kuhn

       Texas Eccentrics.  By John Kuhn. Art by Dennis Menese.  Dallas:  Atriad, 2008.  272 pages, paperback, copious illustrations, $19.95 ISBN: 1-933177-12-8


John Kuhn is a founding co-editor of Fear and Trembling Magazine.  His book's funny, quirky.  Demonstrate how easily you can transition from your urbane, sedate lifestyle.  Spruce up your conversation with references to over 100 eccentric Texans.  And the categories are "Bizarre Businesspeople" with Jeff Bezos, Howard Hughes, H.L. Hunt, etc., "Peculiar Politicians" with Judge Roy Bean, Kinky Friedman, Ron Paul, etc., "Strange Sports Figures" with Mark Cuban, George Foreman, Dennis Rodman, etc., "Atypical Artists" with Gatemouth Brown, Janis Joplin, Anna Nichol Smith, etc., and "Other Oddballs" with Boxcar Willie, Wrong Way Corrigan, Carlos Esparza, Wolfman Jack, etc.  And more you don't know, unless you're already kinda strange.

Or get the book for the kids, especially the normal kids.  Each quick bio is headed by notes on the person's name, life dates, Texas connection, occupation, claim to weirdness, and the person's place in the Tex-centricity scale.  Kuhn's volume is an enjoyable light and easy read.  Get one for the neighbors; yes, you know which ones!

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