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Saturday, August 16, 2008

SHQ Book Reviews Jan 2008

Southwestern Historical Quarterly Book Reviews of January 2008 
Following the Royal Road:  A Guide to the Historic Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, by Hal Jackson. Rev. by Rick Hendricks, SHQ Jan 2008 p344-5
El gran Norte de Mexico:  Una frontera imperial en la Nueva Espana, by Alredo Jimenez. Rev by Joanquin Rivaya-Martinez, SHQ Jan 2008 p345-6.
Cherokee Nation in the Civil War, by Clarissa Confer.  Rev by Andrew Frank, SHQ Jan 2008 p348-9.
Rise and Fall of the Confederacy:  The Memoir of Senator Williamson S. Oldham, ed. by Clayton Jewett. Rev by Antonio Thompson, SHQ Jan 2008 p349-51.
Dance of Freedom:  Texas African Americans during Reconstruction, by Barry Crouch. Rev by Rebecca Kosary, SHQ Jan 2008 p351-2
Getting Away With Murder, by Bill Neal. Rev by David Reichard SHQ Jan 2008 p354-5
Lone Star Lawmen: The Second Century of the Texas Rangers, by Robert Utley, Rev by Stephen Moore, SHQ Jan 2008 p357-8.
Cowboy:  Juan Salinas, Rodeo Roper and Horseman by Ricardo Palacios. Rev by Thomas Britten, SHQ Jan 2008 p358-9
River Walk:  The Epic Story of San Antonio's River, by Lewis Fisher, Rev. by Tim Dravies, SHQ Jan 2008 p359-60.
Ross Sterling, A Memoir by the Founder of the Humble Oil and Refining Company, ed by Don Carleton, Rev by George Green, SHQ Jan 2008 p360-1.
Barn Burning Barn Burning:  Lesson of Lone Star Politics that Can Improve Our Country's Future, by Ben Barnes.  Rev by James Cousar, SHQ Jan 2008 p362-3.
Mestizo in America:  Generations of Mexican Ethnicity in the Suburban Southwest, by Thomas Macias.  Rev by Roberto Calderon, SHQ Jan 2008 p363-4.
Legacy:  Fifty Years of Loving Care, Texas Children's Hospital, By Betsy Parish, Rev by Watson Arnold, SHQ Jan 2008 p365-6.
Jim Bowie, by Robert Hollman, Rev by James Crisp, SHQ Jan 2008 p366-7
Juan Seguin, by Robert Hollman, Rev by James Crisp, SHQ Jan 2008 p366-7.

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